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The company has a history ranging back from 1975. The BALAJIMAHENDRA group started with manufacturing machinery spare parts and had a supply range and chain in most of West Bengal jute industries.
The company also diversified to textiles, garments, infrastructures and furniture’s with time. The company has an International presence and takes pride to be an Indian company supplying and competing in this International Market. At BALAJIMAHENDRA the company believes in delivering quality to its customer and educating the consumer at large about the best available products in the market. The company understands the need to urgency hence has a priority approach to its customer’s and their needs. It ensures timely execution of its order’s whether it be bulk or small quantities. At BalajiMahendra every product of its companies undergoes personal detailed checking through personnel before dispatch, minimizing the chances of faults. The company has a climbing graph since its incorporation and is working towards maintaining and growing every fiscal. BALAJIMAHENDRA aims at satisfying its customer with the best available quality product known. Innovation and fabrication has become the companies main target, for satisfying customer’s need and wants.


  Unit : B.M.Trading Co.
Unit : Balaji Fabs

Unit : Balaji Exim (India)
Unit : Spazioso


21, Goenka Lane, (Dacca Patty),
Kolkata - 700007, West Bengal, India

Phone : +91-33-65501122
Fax : +91-33-22746679

Website : www.balajimahendra.com
Email: info@balajimahendra.com
spazioso@balajimahendra.com sales@balajimahendra.com

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